Our Anniversary

Segal Marco Advisors — 50 Years of Success

Fifty years ago, we were incorporated as an investment consulting business. This significant anniversary prompted us to look back at 1969 and consider how much the world has changed since that watershed year, which saw astronauts walk across the surface of the moon and (maybe even more unbelievably) the New York Jets, Knicks and Mets all win championships in their respective sports.

During this last half century of momentous change, our company took tremendous strides to become one of the leading providers of global investment solutions in the world, and we’re far from slowing down.


Where We Are Today

Our journey to this point has led us to become one of the largest, independent, employee-owned investment consulting businesses in the country.

The following data points demonstrate why Segal Marco Advisors will continue to lead in this industry, both today and in the future.

  • We’re ranked #1 as a Greenwich Quality Leader.
  • We’re ranked #1 by rating and assets by North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU).
  • We work with more than 600 clients representing nearly 900 benefit plans with approximately $550 billion in assets.
  • 40% of our consultants, experts and staff were hired since 2012, a testament to our ability to attract the best and the brightest for generations to come.
  • We’re passionate about learning; 56 of us hold advanced designations, 42 of us hold advanced degrees and 12 of us are currently pursuing advanced designations and degrees.

The achievements listed above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our company’s achievements, which should fill all of us with confidence about the days ahead for Segal Marco Advisors.

The Beginning

Our investment consulting business began several years before the establishment of Segal Marco Advisors.

In response to client demand, we developed a new methodology for evaluating investment experience by calculating investment returns and comparing those returns against fair and appropriate standards.

When ERISA was signed into law in the next decade, one of its fiduciary provisions required plan sponsors to monitor the experience of their investments.

Our primary consulting service continued to be performance measurement reporting during our early years when the portfolio management function was mostly done by banks and insurance companies.

As the marketplace began to grow, we added manager search and selection. Our first three decades were characterized by servicing a group of clients that were mostly shared with Segal.

Our Growth

The last two decades has seen a dramatic change in our investment consulting business with significant organic growth, both from internal and external opportunities, and three meaningful acquisitions:

  • 2006: Irwin Tepper & Associates, which enhanced our asset-liability modeling (ALM) capabilities and expanded our intellectual capital.
  • 2012: Rogerscasey, which diversified our client base, introduced discretionary management solutions and financial intermediary services, and transformed our expertise in investment research, risk management and intellectual capital.
  • 2017: Marco Consulting Group, which established our dominance as the leader in multiemployer, enhanced our discretionary and administrative platforms, added corporate engagement and proxy voting, and significantly increased our consulting and research talent.

Segal’s approach to acquisitions is built on seeking and vetting only the best. This does not just translate into revenue growth, but into us being more valuable to each and every client.

As We Move Forward, Thank You!

As we captured in the theme for our client conference earlier this year, “To Move Forward, It’s Important to Look Back.” Our impressive record of accomplishments only happens with great people and great clients—we fortunately have both.

All those who came before and all those that are here today deserve a thank you for their contributions to our success.

In addition, an integral and important part of the story is the support of and collaboration with our Segal colleagues across the organization.

As we celebrate the occasion, let’s keep in mind what’s possible and look forward to another 50 years of success and achievement.