Segal Marco Advisors and Sibson Consulting’s Pension Funding Tracker Shows  a Funding Decrease in Fourth Quarter of 2018

Segal Marco Advisors and Sibson Consulting’s Pension Funding Tracker Shows a Funding Decrease in Fourth Quarter of 2018

The funded status of the model pension plan examined by Segal Marco Advisors and Sibson Consulting and dropped by 8 percentage points to 87 percent in the fourth quarter of 2018, as illustrated by the red line in the graph below.

The funding decrease is a result of a 7 percent asset loss, compounded by a 2 percent increase in liabilities. This marks the first drop in the plan’s funded status, after four consecutive quarters of increase.

“While global bonds performed well, domestic stocks had their worst quarter in more than five years; U.S. stocks fell nearly 10 percent in the month of December alone,” said David Palmerino, vice president with Segal Marco Advisors. “These and other aspects contributed to the 7 percent change in asset value.”  

National Retirement Practice Leader Stewart Lawrence suggests that plan sponsors examine changes in their own defined benefit plans for both accounting and funding metrics: “Any change in either the shape or level of the yield curve, could have a different impact on liabilities for plans with different maturities,” he noted. “Further, plan sponsors should be sure that they have explored the merits of mitigating the volatility of the plan’s funded status through utilization of various de-risking techniques.”

To speak with one of our consultants about the model plan, and how it may inform decision-making for employers that have a pension plan, please contact Erin Burns.

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