Segal Marco Advisors Expects Heightened Volatility

Segal Marco Advisors Expects Heightened Volatility

Segal Marco Advisors Expects Heightened Volatility

Elevated market volatility, opportunities for long-term gains in emerging markets and disappointing near-term results for U.S. and global core bonds are just some of the developments investors can anticipate in the next 12 to 18 months, according to the 2017 Investment Outlook from Segal Marco Advisors.

“The uncertainty in the global political environment and the arrival of President Trump has increased volatility as markets react to the constant stream of new developments on the world stage,” said Tim Barron, Chief Investment Officer. “Traditional geopolitical allies may be asked to rethink the basic tenets of U.S. involvement and participation in defense as well as trade.”

Mr. Barron added, “Behind it all is a broad notion that globalization has been a failed approach for many and that the entrenched political establishment may not have been effective in solving the problems of income disparity, migration and anemic economic growth. The political backdrop creates even more uncertainty in a world that seems to always surprise those seeking to explain and understand possible futures.”

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