Q3 2016 Outlook: “How Low Can You Go?”

Q3 2016 Outlook: “How Low Can You Go?”

In today’s world of near-zero and negative interest rates, the question for many investors is: How long will they remain so low?

Segal Marco Advisors' Q3 2016 Investment Outlook provides our forward-looking views on the world’s economies and markets to help investors navigate the uncertain terrain.

Over the next 12 to 18 months, we see:

  • Interest rates globally remaining low,
  • Equity markets delivering single-digit returns closer to zero than 10, and
  • A continued “risk-on” environment with only modest returns for pushing out the quality spectrum.

To learn more about the specific ramifications of our forward-looking views for your investment program, contact your Segal Marco Advisors consultant.

Report — November 2016

Investment Outlook

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Webinar — November 2016

Q3 2016 Investment Outlook Update

Segal Marco’s Q3 2016 Investment Outlook Update webinar discussed the macroeconomic factors at play, from potential impacts from the election results to monetary policy, and how to align your portfolio to “be limbo, be quick” to navigate them.

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