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Meet Segal Marco Advisors

We provide trusted advice that improves lives. 

Who we are

The global investment landscape grows more and more complex every day. Investors need the guidance of an experienced consultant with proprietary research and cutting-edge tools to produce optimal results.

Completely independent and employee owned, Segal Marco is one of the nation’s leading investment consulting firms. 

Businessman Discussing Strategy With Colleagues Businessman Discussing Strategy With Colleagues

Segal Marco is one of the largest U.S.-based investment consultants

We have combined advisory assets exceeding $500 billion. Our expertise, research and technology help clients achieve their investment objectives.

Our senior professionals average more than 20 years of experience, and have invested through all types of market conditions.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

At Segal, diversity lies at the core of our mission to provide trusted advice that improves lives. For us, championing diversity is more than the right thing to do; we recognize that a diverse and inclusive workforce is more resilient and innovative.

Most important, it allows us to bring our best advice to clients every day. To enhance our existing programs and activities to nurture an inclusive workplace, we have a company-wide D&I initiative.

Our employees participate through mentoring and internship programs, regular training, and collaboration through business resource groups, such as our Women’s Leadership Council.

Segal Marco has undertaken a number of initiatives recently related to ESG and corporate sustainability. They include publishing a corporate sustainability report and a survey of the ESG practices of the investment management firms with which we work. Segal Marco has assembled a Working Group Committee for Diversity Investing, with the goal of increasing the allocation of Emerging/Diverse managers across client portfolios.

Meet the team

Our senior leaders work across the country, delivering via a range of consulting teams, investment professionals and support staff. 

Get to know our senior leadership. Then, get in touch. 

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Meet The Team Meet The Team
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Work at Segal Marco

However we’re helping clients with their investments, we know what their success takes.

Do you have what it takes to join the team?

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We have more than 20 offices, spanning the U.S. Find us on the coasts and in Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland and Denver.

We also have an office in Toronto, Canada and Dublin, Ireland. 

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Segal Marco's history

From its beginning, Segal Marco Advisors has continually evolved to proactively meet the needs of our clients. Today, we are a leading global investment solutions firm providing innovative, client-driven consulting advice and discretionary services.

We’re part of Segal, an independent and objective consulting firm founded in 1939 by Martin E. Segal in a single office in New York City. In the decades since, Segal has grown to become a leading consulting firm with more than 1,000 employees throughout the U.S. and internationally.

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50 years of investment consulting

In the 1960s, Segal began evaluating investment performance for sponsors of retirement plans, expanding its work throughout the decade.

As the decade ended, Segal Advisors, Inc., the Securities and Exchange Commission-registered entity, was created and incorporated in New York State to provide investment consulting services.

Like the other member firms of The Segal Group, the company was (and remains) independent and employee-owned.

Growing in the 21st century

Segal Advisors continued to expand and develop over the 1970s, ‘80s and ‘90s. But after the turn of the millennium, the firms accelerated their growth in investment consulting services.

In 2006 the firm acquired Irwin Tepper Associates, Inc., an asset liability analysis consulting firm, and in 2012 we acquired Rogerscasey, a global investment solutions firm, further expanding our research capabilities to serve clients.

In 2017 the firm acquired Marco Consulting Group, a top investment consulting firm to Taft-Hartley plans.

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Committing to excellence

Alongside our acquisitions, we continued to refine and improve what we offered to the investment landscape. 

In 2013, the firm became a founding member of the Global Investment Research Alliance (GIRA), which shares research on investment managers and macroeconomics among member firms around the world.

In both 2019 and 2020 we were designated a Greenwich Quality Leader among large U.S. investment consultants.


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