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Investment Research

Access the insights you need to stay ahead of the pack.

Proprietary investment research based on years of expertise

Many investors look at the same market and macro factors but they don’t all see the same thing.

That’s because focused research can reveal overlooked investment opportunities and pitfalls.

You can’t afford to rely on undisciplined analysis when it comes to your investments, and we believe with our research capabilities you can be sure the work has been done.

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Investment manager research

Finding the right asset manager to guide your investments to success can seem overwhelming, but our team will empower you with the insights and information you need to feel confident in your decisions.

Our recommendations include research notes, opinions and more to help you identify and evaluate the best managers for your needs. You’ll also have the benefit of our due diligence protocols and underwriting framework to support your manager selection. 

Investment strategies

The world of investing is a complex and evolving one. Our task is to assess ideas new and familiar to find those that can help you achieve your investment goals and objectives within your specific needs and tolerances.

We continuously examine strategies that can help your investment program continue to evolve. Our professionals will comb through the global markets and opportunity set to identify emerging investment trends and new sources of return suited to your specific circumstances.

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Risk management analysis

Analyzing risk with the goal of protecting your investments means having a clear vision of the many variables that drive capital market returns. While no investment is without risk, our risk management analysis is designed to develop a framework to help support a successful investment program.

Portfolio construction

Knowing the market is one thing, but understanding how to build a portfolio structure that meets your needs from that market knowledge requires additional insight. Our portfolio construction capabilities are focused on building compelling platforms based on the dynamic research and thought leadership utilizing the resources across our entire firm. We provide clients with a 360-degree service that fits not only their investment circumstances but their plan governance needs as well. 

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Corporate engagement and proxy voting services

Your share holdings give you a seat at the table with publicly-traded companies, and we’ll help make sure you make the most of the opportunity.

Every year, we vote proxies at roughly 8,000 companies and engage corporate boards directly on a wide range of corporate governance issues important to our clients. With our in-depth knowledge of the needs of plan participants and the resources to analyze individual proxy votes on a global scale, we will be your plan’s advocate.

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