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Supporting Financial Intermediaries

Helping investors achieve their financial goals.

Advisor solutions powered by Rogerscasey

We have a dedicated practice serving financial intermediaries. Rogerscasey has spent the last 20 years expanding our capabilities and helping financial institutions all across the globe.

In 2012, Rogerscasey was acquired by what is now Segal Marco Advisors and has used the additional resources of the combined firm to provide an even broader scope of services to our clients.

Forming An Action Plan For Their New Project Forming An Action Plan For Their New Project

The Advisor Solutions Group is carrying forward the hallmarks of the Rogerscasey heritage

Rigorous institutional due diligence, asset allocation services and intellectual capital all carefully curated for financial intermediaries and delivered by consultants with decades of intermediary experience.


Explore how our expertise and experience with financial intermediaries can help you meet your goals. 

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Financial intermediary consulting

We will give you independent support to help both you and your practice reach their goals.

As a trusted advisor, your professional success lies with providing your clientele with the best research and advice while also operating your practice efficiently. Whether you are an investment officer at a bank or an independent advisor at an RIA, having research and expertise from a partner with a proven track record of success helps you meet your client and practice needs more effectively.

For decades, we’ve provided financial intermediary consulting to a wide variety of wealth management professionals, giving them access to our due diligence insights, a proprietary investment manager database, thorough research and the customized, client-ready content important for their business to flourish.

How our financial intermediary consulting will help your practice grow

Our investment professionals know firsthand that every client presents a unique set of challenges and demands. That's why we offer a suite of services as flexible and comprehensive as the modern market demands.

These include:

  • Completely customizable frameworks. Combine the understanding of your clients with our model portfolios and other tools that let you customize the level of risk and the types of assets to include in each portfolio. We provide our guidance and asset allocation framework, but you ultimately decide on the best solution for your client.
  • Comprehensive and comprehensible data. You’ll have immediate access to a wealth of knowledge covering worldwide markets, giving you unparalleled insights to weave into your investment approach for clients.
  • Wide-ranging thought leadership. Stay on top of the latest investment trends and explore timely ideas with our bold thought leadership. We'll expand your access to world-class asset managers, practice management insights from your peers and better client engagement strategies with new ideas and robust content.

Who we help

Read about our approach with registered investment advisors (“RIAs”), accounting firms, banks and more. 

Registered investment advisors (“RIAs”)

The growth in RIAs over the last decade has been substantial and will certainly continue. Along with that growth, competition for your client relationships has never been more fierce, as other RIAs, private banks and multi-family offices have all added resources, enhanced their client offerings and moved aggressively to differentiate their practices. To remain competitive, RIAs are faced with the task of adding specialized staff or exploring other options to broaden and deepen their service offerings.

Our dedicated Advisor Solutions professionals have decades of experience working both with and for RIAs, so they understand the unique demands required for firms to succeed in this rapidly changing marketplace. We provide a broad array of services that will support and expand an RIA’s capabilities, including guidance on portfolio construction and asset allocation, investment manager due diligence, intellectual capital/client-ready collaterals, practice management insights and support for retaining and winning new business. Our research and consulting teams understand the unique operating rhythm of RIAs and we structure our teams to ensure we are always available to meet your needs. Both our research and consulting teams function as an extension of your staff as we provide customized services and solutions specific to your requirements. Our institutional approach to investment solutions and client service provides the rigor, transparency and responsiveness needed by RIAs to elevate their practices and differentiate the services provided in this competitive environment.

Accounting firms

As a trusted advisor that provides essential guidance to their clients across tax and investment planning, accounting firms have to navigate the complexity of today’s investment landscape to provide compelling and fully vetted solutions to their clients, which can be a significant task.

The services provided by our Advisor Solutions Group allows accounting firms to more seamlessly provide institutional-quality investment solutions to their clients, which are demanding more sophisticated investment guidance today than ever before.  Our team can provide your staff with an array of carefully selected investment options across all asset classes, including alternatives, such as private equity, real estate and infrastructure at attractively negotiated minimums. We serve as a point of leverage for your firm that provides your clients with the solutions they need and your staff with the access they require to our research expertise, insights and content to grow your investment practice.


Providing comprehensive investment guidance and solutions can be a challenge for any bank, as your non-investment business requires substantial resources and oversight in their own right. However, as the central piece in the financial lives of your customers, banks are uniquely positioned to provide trusted investment services to a wide variety of investors, which can present many obstacles.

Our Advisor Solutions team has worked with banks since 2003 and our experience partnering with banks can further refine your investment practice and provide the rigor and transparency required in a highly regulated environment. Our institutional approach to investment due diligence and asset allocation provides the documentation and process welcomed by our bank clients as our team serves as an extension of your staff. Our flexible approach allows you to select which services we provide, serving either as a complement to your existing investment practice or as a fully outsourced research provider. We provide customized services to each client based on your needs and share our insights for how your practice compares to peers. Creating ongoing content for your clients can be time-consuming, which is why we provide client-ready communications and the ability for you to co-brand or private label these documents as needed.

Our flexible approach, rigorous institutional processes and experience team can help differentiate your investment practice.

Broker dealers

Broker dealers are faced with managing significant complexity, from integrating new advisors, retaining outstanding advisors and managing the myriad of investment choices on their investment platforms. The regulatory and compliance requirements of broker dealers provides additional challenges that need be managed as each firm strives to run a profitable business.

Our Advisor Solutions practice is experienced working with broker dealers and have helped build and evaluate model portfolios, perform due diligence on investment platforms and provide recommendations for platform structure and strategy rationalization. As your research partner, our team provides the full breadth of our investment capabilities and experience to identify the appropriate solutions for your advisors and clients. Leverage all of our communications, including white papers, market reviews and blogs to better inform your advisors and increase the content you can share with clients.

Our decades of experience, flexible approach and rigorous process can provide you with solutions to help your existing advisors and ease the integration of new advisors into your practice.

Multi-family offices

Our Advisor Solution Group is experienced serving the varied, demanding and evolving needs of the highly competitive Multi-Family Office (MFO) industry segment. The holistic approach employed by MFOs to oversee all aspects of a client’s financial affairs can benefit from our perspective on both the global markets and investment opportunity set.

Our services are tailored specifically to both supplement and complement the existing capabilities of the MFO investment office and support the seasoned investment professionals and client portfolio managers that staff it. We act as an extension of investment staff and a multiplier of investment office capacity. Our Advisor Solution Group extends substantial internal resources and leverages our experience working with institutions, taxable investors, and multi-generational family offices in active collaboration with investment staff. Ultimately, we seek to support the ongoing development and maintenance of tools, standards and practices necessary for effective top-down and bottom-up portfolio implementation decision-making. Our approach places a strong emphasis on practical, readily implementable and scalable investment solutions and our investment recommendations are highly customized to reflect each organization’s unique mix of clients. Due to our experience of working with Family Offices, clients can elect to have our team take on additional responsibilities and functions to allow the MFO staff to focus on areas where they possess a competitive advantage.

Insurance companies

The varied challenges faced by insurance companies can be significant, ranging from due diligence needs on hundreds of strategies to helping staff identify appropriate managers and investment structure for the general account.

Our Advisor Solutions team has worked directly and extensively with the product management and investment staff responsible for general account portfolio implementation, fixed and variable annuity program construction and wealth management platform maintenance. We are experienced and well versed in satisfying the unique needs and requirements in such areas as customized manager/sub-advisor search, manager operational due diligence, investment structure portfolio design and manager/sub-advisor monitoring programs. Serving as an extension of staff, our team brings an experienced approach, due diligence rigor and flexibility to assist staff in sourcing creative solutions to complex issues.


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