Who We Are

Segal Marco Advisors: Global Investment Solutions

The global investment landscape grows more and more complex every day. Plan sponsors need the guidance of an experienced consultant with proprietary research and cutting-edge tools to produce optimal results.

That’s why so many plan sponsors choose Segal Marco Advisors to help them design innovative, successful investment programs. Segal Marco is one of the largest U.S.-based investment consultancies, serving over 600 clients with combined advisory assets exceeding $500 billion. Our expertise, research and technology help clients build sound investment programs. Our senior professionals average 25 years of experience, and our teams are skilled in assuming new accounts efficiently to ease the transition for clients.

What Differentiates Us

Segal Marco offers: 

Unbiased integrity  
Your interests always come first. Unlike other firms, we are an independent and employee-owned investment consulting firm, with no conflicts of interests from affiliations with broker-dealers, asset managers or custodial banks that might sway our advice.

Cutting-edge research 
Our clients can access proprietary research, tools and asset liability modeling to stay ahead of economic trends, make informed decisions and achieve maximum results.

Global reach 
Gain a global advantage in your investment decision-making through the regional expertise we provide as a founding member of the Global Investment Research Alliance.

Comprehensive services
Plan sponsors have diverse and evolving needs. We are one of the few firms offering specialized defined contribution consulting, corporate governance and proxy voting services, in addition to our general traditional investment consulting (including asset liability modeling) and discretionary services

Research and investment solutions are provided to financial intermediaries through our Advisor Solutions Group, and to Canadian clients through Segal Rogerscasey Canada.

The North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) awarded Segal Marco Advisors an A+ grade on their Investment Consultant Report Card