Archived Insight | October 17, 2018

Segal Marco’s Fall Client Research & Educational Summit: How’d It Go

Una Marea Creciente (a Rising Tide) for Segal Marco Advisors and Our Clients was the theme of the Summit from October 3-5 at the Omni La Costa Resort in Carlsbad, CA. We were thrilled to have more than 70 clients in attendance for two days of educational presentations and group discussions by the seaside.

2018 fall summit

Key Takeaways

  • The Summit focused on drivers of the current market cycle, as well as opportunities and strategies that investors can take advantage of as it continues.
  • Consultants and research team members discussed Segal Marco’s views on worldwide economic growth, and how economic changes are affecting various asset classes.
  • They also discussed the latest in opportunistic investing, defined contribution, financial intermediary, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing.

Presentation Highlights

  • President and CEO, John DeMairo, discussed how Segal Marco Advisors is “raising the tide” for investors by leveraging our expertise, diversity, and global footprint – and expanding our services to better meet the needs of today’s investors.
  • Dan Westerheide and John Ross explained that in the developed, non-U.S. world, monitoring the impacts of trade uncertainty is important. In emerging markets, fundamentals are strong despite trade worries and fallout from a currency crisis in Turkey.
  • Non-traditional investments can be options for investors willing to seek out extra return in up-and-coming, and sometimes unconventional, places. TJ Kistner and Benji Patzik said that tactical asset allocation strategies, as well as non-traditional ones like CLO equity and aviation leasing, can offer compelling, long-term returns and portfolio diversification.
  • Kathleen Pabla and Peter Gerlings discussed new opportunities across several investment themes, including recreation, energy production, and customized manufacturing.
  • Linda McDonald, Michael Lyons and Chief Investment Officer, Tim Barron, talked about the history of market cycles and examined where we appear to be today. The panel also taught us three keys to investing in any cycle:
    • Beware of behavioral biases
    • Make disciplined decisions
    • Take advantage of a variety of investment ideas, including ones as simple as rebalancing and diversifying

Get Your Copy of the Summit Presentations

Blog45 Roundtables Blog45 Roundtables

Attendees participated in small group discussions with our research and consulting experts. They focused on areas such as asset class research, defined contribution, advisors and intermediaries, global outlook, and general consulting. 

Blog45 Coastal Events Center Blog45 Coastal Events Center

Despite a few occasional raindrops, we had beautiful weather for our event!

Blog45 Welcome Stage Blog45 Welcome Stage

The stage was set for a productive conference.

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