Archived Insight | December 5, 2018

Financial Intermediary Consulting: a Primer

As a financial intermediary, your professional success lies with providing your clientele with the best research and advice to make their financial dreams a reality. And whether you’re an investment officer at a big bank or an  independent advisor at an RIA, having research and expertise from a partner with a proven track record of success  helps you meet your client and practice needs more effectively.

For decades, we’ve provided financial intermediary consulting to a wide variety of intermediaries, giving them access to our due diligence insights, a proprietary investment manager database, cutting-edge research and the customized, client-ready content  they need for their business to flourish.

Financial intermediary consulting

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How our financial intermediary consulting will help your practice grow

Our investment professionals know firsthand that every client presents a unique set of challenges and demands to their advisor. That’s why we offer financial intermediaries a suite of services as flexible and comprehensive as the modern market demands. These include:

  • Completely Customizable Frameworks: Combine the understanding of your clients with our model portfolios and other tools that let you  customize the level of risk and the types of assets to include in each portfolio. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but to help you do it better.
  • Comprehensive and Comprehensible Data: You’ll have immediate access to a wealth of knowledge covering worldwide markets, giving you unparalleled insights  to weave into your investment approach  for clients. 
  • Cutting-Edge Thought Leadership: Stay on top of the latest investment trends and explore timely  ideas with our bold thought leadership. We’ll expand your access to world-class asset managers, practice management insights from your peers and better client engagement strategies with new ideas and robust content.

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