Archived Insight | May 1, 2020

2020 Corporate Sustainability Report

This Segal Marco Advisors sustainability report is our way of looking at ourselves, at the work we provide to our clients, at the neighborhood in which we live and of letting you know that sustainability is an intrinsic part of who we are.

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Sustainability at Segal Marco

Segal Marco has long promoted sustainable solutions in its work with clients.

We research and work with tested investment managers who can provide lasting results for clients without taking on too much risk. We assist clients in developing portfolios in a way that considers a plan’s long-term prospects—not just current trends or performance. We value sustained relationships with clients that last through all kinds of markets.

It’s a way to help our clients offer security for their plan participants and to achieve whatever are their investment goals and objectives.

Sustainability also means making sure that the managers we work with are evaluating environmental, social and governance factors in their processes—or why they do not.

It is demonstrated in Segal Marco’s corporate governance services for clients, in which we engage companies on corporate governance and vote proxies on behalf of clients.

But sustainability is not just something we think about for our clients

It's central to how we run our own business and how we treat our employees. We believe that managing our firm in a sustainable way means supporting employee development, fostering a diverse workplace, and promoting workplace wellness initiatives. It means incorporating environmental responsibility, community engagement and labor impact into the firm’s decisions.

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