Market Projections

Learn where we believe the world’s economies and investment markets may head in the near term – and how investors can prepare.
Q3 2021 Investment Outlook: A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

The U.S. equity remains a solid performer. But the impact of COVID-19 resurgence creates a large unknown for equity markets outside the U.S.

Q2 2021 Investment Outlook: Is the Stimulus Endgame a Phoenix or an Icarus?

Will the world rise from the ashes for a long period of prosperity or will fiscal and monetary stimulus cause us to fly too high?

Q1 2021 Investment Outlook: The Recycled Global Economy

Are we in the early stages of recovery after the pandemic or back to the late-stage environment we experienced in late 2019?

Q3 Investment Outlook Update: The Fed’s FAIT Accompli

Put recent market developments in perspective.

Q2 2020 Investment Outlook Update: A Shot in the Arm

Just what the doctor ordered in the midst of a pandemic

Q1 Update to the 2020 Investment Outlook

In our January 2020 Investment Outlook, we concluded that the world in general looked poised for persistent growth.

2020 Investment Outlook: The Nice House in the Forest

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