Market Projections

Learn where we believe the world’s economies and investment markets may head in the near term – and how investors can prepare.
After a Year that Upended Most Expectations, More Surprises May Lie Ahead

2023 upended expectations in the financial markets. Are there more surprises ahead in 2024? Get our insights in the February 2024 Investment Outlook.

Investment Outlook: Glass Half Full or Glass Half Empty?

Looking at the investment picture for the rest of 2023, is the glass half full (soft landing) or half empty (recession)? Get our Investment Outlook.

"2023: The Year of the Rabbit” Investment Outlook

As tough as 2022 was for financial assets, it has set up a very positive starting point for 2023. Get our insights in our latest Investment Outlook.

Q4 2022 Investment Outlook: “Gloomy and More Uncertain”

The International Monetary Fund update published in July, “Gloomy and More Uncertain,” sort of sums up what most people feel about the markets in 2022

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