Market Projections

Learn where we believe the world’s economies and investment markets may head in the near term – and how investors can prepare.
Q2 2022 Investment Outlook: What a Difference a Year Makes

2022 has had a difficult start. Bond and stock markets are both negative year to date (as of the end of May)

Q1 2022 Investment Outlook: What the Heck Happened to Our Punchbowl?

What happens when the Fed stops spiking the punch with fiscal stimulus? Will the longest-running party in history be over?

Q4 2021 Investment Outlook: The Global Economy on Edge

Given all the activity this autumn in the world of economics, politics and investing, it feels like we are on the edge of something, but it is unclear

Q3 2021 Investment Outlook: A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet

The U.S. equity remains a solid performer. But the impact of COVID-19 resurgence creates a large unknown for equity markets outside the U.S.

Q2 2021 Investment Outlook: Is the Stimulus Endgame a Phoenix or an Icarus?

Will the world rise from the ashes for a long period of prosperity or will fiscal and monetary stimulus cause us to fly too high?

Q1 2021 Investment Outlook: The Recycled Global Economy

Are we in the early stages of recovery after the pandemic or back to the late-stage environment we experienced in late 2019?

Q3 Investment Outlook Update: The Fed’s FAIT Accompli

Put recent market developments in perspective.

Q2 2020 Investment Outlook Update: A Shot in the Arm

Just what the doctor ordered in the midst of a pandemic

Q1 Update to the 2020 Investment Outlook

In our January 2020 Investment Outlook, we concluded that the world in general looked poised for persistent growth.

2020 Investment Outlook: The Nice House in the Forest

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