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Corporate Governance

Our corporate governance services include voting proxies on public equity securities on behalf of clients.

Proxy voting

We are a proxy voting agent for many clients, acting in the best interest of plan participants and voting in accordance with each client's proxy voting policy. We vote proxies for approximately 10,000 companies annually.

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Segal Marco also engages directly with companies on issues relating to corporate governance and ESG, including:

  • Board diversity
  • Climate
  • Executive pay
  • Governance
  • Political disclosure

Recognized expertise

Segal Marco corporate governance experts speak regularly at industry events. They also comment on matters relating to corporate governance policy.

Keeping clients informed about corporate governance

Segal Marco prepares an annual Corporate Governance Report for clients that includes:

  • A summary of the market environment for corporate governance
  • Proxy votes on the most common issues (including proxy voting statistics)
  • Our proxy policy statement for the year

Together, this data and analysis paints a comprehensive portrait of corporate governance and our approach to proxy voting.

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