Events and Webinars | April 8, 2021

2021 Virtual Client Conference

After the Pandemic:  Phoenix or Icarus?

"After the Pandemic: Phoenix or Icarus?" indicates a focus on the investment environment post the tragic impact of COVID-19. We will seek to shed light on the question of the impact of global stimulus to world economies; will it assist them in arising from the ashes of the pandemic? Or push already high valuations into bubble-like territory, with perhaps higher inflation and interest rates? Taking a cue from Mr. Wonderful on "Shark Tank," we'll also focus on various key asset classes seeking to answer his oft-asked question: “How do I make money?”

2021 Virtual Client Conference

In this webinar

You’ll receive:

  • Valuable insight on the important themes affecting investors today
  • Advice on how to position portfolios in the current market cycle and beyond
  • Segal Marco’s latest investment strategy ideas and unique areas of focus
  • Access to Segal Marco’s research and consulting experts
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals, plan sponsors and trustees from an array of industries and plans

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Speaker: John DeMairo

Global Market Environment: Where Are We Headed?

Moderator: Tim Barron
Speakers: Dan Westerheide, Sue Crotty, John Marco and T.J. Kistner

Long-Term Assumption Update

Moderator: Tim Barron
Speakers: John Ross and John Hume

Asset Class Dive-Down

Moderator: Rick Pietrzak
Speakers: Francoise Otieno and Don Sheridan

Equity: The Engine of Return

Moderator: Rosemary Guillette
Speakers: Geoff Strotman, Donell Ward, Michael St. Germain, Vanessa Vargas and Alan Kosan

Real Estate: Where Are We Going?

Moderator: Tim Barron
Speakers: Linda McDonald and Michael Joyce

Legislative Update

Moderator: Julian Regan
Speakers: Julia Zuckerman (Segal) and Katherine Hesse Esq. (Murphy, Hesse, Toomey & Lehane LLP)


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