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What Are Cryptocurrencies? Information for Investors

These days, many institutional investors are interested in deepening their understanding of cryptocurrencies. The outsized return potential of cryptocurrencies might appear attractive — especially when stock and bond projections are relatively muted. However, the risks inherent in the asset class are significant.

What Are Cryptocurrencies? Information for Investors

During an October 14 webinar, Catherine Hickey, a member of Segal Marco Advisors’ research team, hosted a discussion on what investors need to know about cryptocurrencies. Michael Lyons and Benji Patzik, both vice presidents and investment consultants with Segal Marco Advisors, participated.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Here’s what the 30-minute conversation covered:

  • Their origins in Bitcoin
  • How blockchain technology works
  • The advantages of cryptocurrencies over government-issued currencies
  • Several sizeable risks associated with cryptocurrencies
  • The possible role of this asset class in an investment portfolio

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