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January 2024 Market Review and a Look Ahead

See our January 2024 market review for a brief analysis of last month’s equity and fixed income performance, plus a look at what 2024 might bring.

2-Point Decline in Model Pension Plan’s Funded Status

In Q4 of 2023, the funded status of Segal’s model private sector single-employer pension plan fell 2 points to 106%. Learn why in the latest Prism.

December 2023 Market Review and a Look Ahead

Review equity and fixed income markets in December and look ahead to possible key drivers in 2024, including interest rate-cut expectations.

New Reporting Requirements for Environmental Proposals Are on the Horizon

Fund managers: Ready for the new reporting requirements? Prepare for the SEC’s proposed climate-related disclosure rules. We break down the details.

Is the Long-Awaited Fed Pivot Really Here?

With three rate cuts forecast, is the long-awaited Fed pivot — the end of the rate-rising cycle and start of a rate-cutting cycle — really here?

The Advisor's Edge: Building Investment Platforms

Learn about the basics of investment platforms and why it’s important to keep your platform flexible and customizable — for both advisor and client.

Liability-Hedging Investments Can Make a Pension Plan’s Market Value Funded Status Less Volatile

Consider liability hedging: Embracing higher allocations to long bonds can dramatically reduce the volatility of funded status position.

3-Point Rise in Model Pension Plan's Funded Status

In Q3 of 2023, the funded status of Segal's model private sector single-employer pension plan rose 3 points to 108%. Learn why in the latest Prism.

The Advisor's Edge: Navigating Wealth Management with the Advisor Solutions Group

“The Advisor’s Edge,” was specifically created to help financial intermediaries stay abreast of what’s new and what’s next in wealth management.

The “Magnificent Seven” — Is Mega-Cap Tech a Safe Haven or a Bubble?

For the first half of 2023, the “Magnificent Seven” significantly outperformed the market. Is mega-cap tech a safe haven or a bubble? Get our take.

Why Stable Value Funds Are a Unique Asset Class

See what makes stable value funds unique, why they have consistent investment appeal and how they have performed against money market funds.

5-Point Jump in Model Pension Plan’s Funded Status

See 3 graphs that explain the increase — and learn how plan sponsor should examine changes in their own DB plans.

Contingent Convertible Bonds Since the Recent Banking Crisis

What should you know about contingent convertible bonds, known as CoCos, given their role in the recent banking crisis? See their risk/reward profile.

How Can ChatGPT Help Equity Fund Managers?

How can new AI tools help equity investment managers? See five ways ChatGPT may help fund managers make better decisions and achieve better returns.

ESG in Retirement Plans: Investment, Risk Management and Regulatory Considerations

What should retirement plans take into account when considering ESG investing within their plan’s fiduciary framework? Get answers in a new article.

Pursuing a Just Transition on the Path to Net Zero

Governments and businesses everywhere are undergoing a massive transition to a world with reduced reliance on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emission

Model Pension Plan’s Funded Status Continues to Rise

Get three graphs that help explain the increase — and learn how plan sponsors should examine changes in their own DB plans — in the latest Prism.

The Debt Ceiling: What History Tells Us

What will a debt ceiling showdown mean for the economy and markets? We look back at 2011 — the last time we came to the brink — to gain insight.

Role of Q4 2022 Investment Performance in Rise of Model Pension Plan’s Funded Status

See three graphs that help explain the increase and learn how plan sponsors should examine changes in their own DB plans.

Stagflation: What Is It, and Is It on the Horizon?

Lately, there is a lot of talk about stagflation, a word that hasn’t been used this much since the 1970s.

U.S. Dollar Strength

The U.S. dollar, the world’s unofficial reserve currency, often appreciates in difficult times.

What Is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing is the false impression that products or investments are more environmentally sustainable, or “green,” than they actually are.

Understanding Manager Styles in Growth Investing

Equity markets have entered bear market territory, with the Russell 1000 Index down over -20 percent through the first half of the year.

Change Is Difficult

2022 has been characterized by enormous change. That's certainly something that everyone can agree upon.

Core Fixed Income Investing in a Challenging Bond Market

What should investors expect next? Get our take on core fixed income investing and the different key measurements worth analyzing.

Reviewing the Performance of Multi-Asset Class Solutions

Get our detailed report on the potential benefits of MACS in a diversified portfolio.

The Russian Delisting Dilemma: Red Herring, Nightmare or Both?

Russian issuers must terminate any of their shares that are traded outside of Russia through depositary receipts (DRs)

Double Trouble: Stocks and Bonds Are Down Together in 2022

Stocks are negative so far in 2022. But in an odd twist, so are bonds. Why is this happening?

War in Ukraine: Thoughts on Longer-Term Implications

What are some of the possible longer-term impacts of the war in Ukraine on the global economy?

The Ends vs. the Means: Both Matter

Is investing with the most recent period’s top-performing manager solely on that basis a good decision?

Thinking About Inflation and Hedging the Risk

In 2022, one of the foremost concerns for investors (as well as consumers) is inflation.

Segal Marco Advisors Appoints Sue Crotty as New Chief Investment Officer

Tim Barron Retiring After 40-Plus-Year Career

Trends in Public and Private Sector DC Plan Investment Menu Design, Costs and ESG Incorporation

Four investment trends for Public and Private Sector DC Plan Sponsors need to know.

The Tyranny of Behaviorism

OMG, oil prices are up over 50 percent since the beginning of 2021, inflation is therefore out of control, interest rates must rise

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