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Reviewing the Performance of Multi-Asset Class Solutions

Get our detailed report on the potential benefits of MACS in a diversified portfolio.

The Russian Delisting Dilemma: Red Herring, Nightmare or Both?

Russian issuers must terminate any of their shares that are traded outside of Russia through depositary receipts (DRs)

Double Trouble: Stocks and Bonds Are Down Together in 2022

Stocks are negative so far in 2022. But in an odd twist, so are bonds. Why is this happening?

Model Pension Plan's Funded Status Rises

The latest edition of Prism examines changes to our model pension plan funded status in Q1 2022.

War in Ukraine: Thoughts on Longer-Term Implications

What are some of the possible longer-term impacts of the war in Ukraine on the global economy?

The Ends vs. the Means: Both Matter

Is investing with the most recent period’s top-performing manager solely on that basis a good decision?

Implications of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine for Investors

Read the recap on market reaction to the invasion and its implications for investors.

Thinking About Inflation and Hedging the Risk

In 2022, one of the foremost concerns for investors (as well as consumers) is inflation.

Segal Marco Advisors Appoints Sue Crotty as New Chief Investment Officer

Tim Barron Retiring After 40-Plus-Year Career

Model Pension Plan Ends 2021 Fully Funded

The latest edition of Prism examines changes to our model pension plan funded status in Q4 2021.

Trends in Public and Private Sector DC Plan Investment Menu Design, Costs and ESG Incorporation

Four investment trends for Public and Private Sector DC Plan Sponsors need to know.

The Tyranny of Behaviorism

OMG, oil prices are up over 50 percent since the beginning of 2021, inflation is therefore out of control, interest rates must rise

Infrastructure and the Push to Net Zero

Countries, companies and organizations around the world are pledging to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The Science of Benchmarking: It’s Complicated, but Important

We recently noticed some comments on the topic of benchmarking that seemed to malign the work of asset owners and their consultants.

Define “Inflation” for Me. It’s Harder Than You Think.

Inflation has arguably been the most discussed and debated topic in the financial markets of late. See why.

Pension Plan Funded Status Drops Slightly as Assets Dip

The latest edition of Prism examines changes to our model pension plan funded status in Q3 2021.

Why Passive Investing in Equity and Fixed Income Asset Classes Differs

Since 2000, passive investing has grown significantly in terms of total assets under management primarily due to attractive fees

Aging Defined Benefit Pension Plans and the Challenges They Face

What are these challenges? See how they affect your DB Pension Plans.

Did Big Ben Answer the Question?

The great inflation debate. Is it transitory? Or regime changing?

The Death of Bowley’s Law and the Labor Share of Output

The decline of labor share in this unprecedented times and its effects on the workforce.

Pension Plan Funded Status Drops Slightly as Interest Rates Decrease in Q2 2021

The latest edition of Prism examines changes to our model pension plan funded status in Q2 2021.

Non-Fungible Tokens — The New Crypto Craze

Learn more about the Non-Fungible Tokens and the latest market trends.

Workers Need a Seat at the Table as Companies Tackle the Environmental Transition

Environmental issues are more prominent in the 2021 proxy season than in years past.

Top Five Reasons the U.S. Fed Will Keep Rates Low for Now

Find out how the low levels might affect economic growth.

Spending Spree or Disappointing Drip?

Are post-pandemic economic forecasts grounded in reality?

Pension Plan Funded Status Increases as Interest Rates Rise

Our model pension plan funded status skyrockets as interest rates increase.

The Effect of Rising Rates and Longer Duration on Fixed Income Returns

Much media attention has been given recently to the swift rise in interest rates in the U.S., particularly at the back end of the yield curve.

DOL Pivots Away from Recent Rules on ESG and Proxy Voting

On March 10, 2021, the DOL issued an expected statement that it will not enforce recent rules on ESG and proxy voting.

Cozy: The U.S. Economy in Three Graphs

One of the promises of every politician seems to come down to an expression like “to get this economy moving again.”

What’s Driving a Steepening Yield Curve?

There are a number of factors that could be contributing to the Treasury market sell-off.

The U.S. Fiscal Condition: “Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt”

The refrain from the song “Sixteen Tons,” sung by Ernie Ford in the late 40s, seems appropriate as the U.S. continues to add to its mountain of debt

DOL Guidance: Private Equity Strategies in DC Plans

The Department of Labor (“DOL”) has issued an information letter which provides guidance to plan sponsors on the use of private equity strategies in

Q4 2020 Real Estate Review

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, there is still much uncertainty as to the longer-term impact on real estate market

Retail Investors Put the Squeeze on Hedge Funds

Recent heavy volatility has been driven by a tug of war between the stock market’s so-called Davids and Goliaths.

Pension Plan Funded Status Returns to Pre-Pandemic Levels

As equity investments soar, our model pension plan funded status returns to pre-pandemic levels.

SPACs: One of 2020’s Big Winners

Why Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) had such a strong year, and what it means for 2021.

Looking Back at the Next Thirty Years

Recently, I was notified that my thirty-year high school reunion was cancelled due to COVID.

Prism: Funded Status of Pension Plan and More in Q3 2020

Choose Wisely: Active Equity Management in a Pandemic Meltdown

For the last decade or so, active equity management has been under assault

Breaking down the U.S. Equity Market: Six Versus 494

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been through pretty turbulent times in the U.S. equity market.

Disrupting the Status Quo and Promoting a Better Future

The authors are members of Segal Marco’s Diversity Investing Working Group - Rosa Limas, Donell Ward, Francois Otieno, and Joey Mallon

Discretionary Investment Management: a Primer

Free yourself from micromanaging every trade while still maintaining control over your strategy.

Not yet, but perhaps next year: A note to smaller companies

We do so love you all. Your ideas and your innovation.

Developments in the Municipal Bond Market

From late February to late March 2020, the municipal bond market experienced unprecedented volatility

Segal Marco’s Survey of Investment Managers on Internal ESG Policies

Results Revealed Areas of Strong Practice and Opportunities for Improvement

COVID-19: Prevention, Mitigation, and Adaptation

In our January 2020 Outlook we concluded that the world in general looked poised for persistent growth

Coronavirus Stimulus How Does It Compare to That of 2008?

In response to the negative effects of the recent global coronavirus outbreak on the U.S. economy, the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve

The Near Term Impact from COVID-19 on the Bond Markets

COVID-19 has created a significant disruption in the capital markets for both risky and defensive debt instruments.

The Rising Popularity of ESG Investing: Part Two

In December 2019, Wendy Pan, a Director from Segal Marco Advisors’ private markets team, participated in AssetTV’s ESG Masterclass as a panelist.

ESG Investing Interview - Part One

How ESG Investing is changing the game.

Looking at Growth in 2020 and Beyond

There’s no time for timing the market.

2020 Retirement Plan Limits & PBGC Premiums

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced retirement plan limits for 2020.

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